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If you are looking around for some quality matcha and have come across DoMatcha but are not sure whether you should buy, you need to read this DoMatcha Green Tea Review to decide.

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DoMatcha Green Tea: Company Overview

DoMatcha literally means “The Way or Journey of Matcha”.  The company was founded to introduce the most authentic and highest quality Matcha green tea to the North American market. The company has been around for a very long time, since the early 1900s.

According to the company itself, DōMatcha is the number one Matcha brand and has a huge consumer.DoMatcha Green Tea

DōMatcha comes directly from the Kyoto region where Matcha originated. Their supplier has been in business in that region for over 300 years.  According to the company, DoMatcha Greeen Tea is endored by Kazunori Handa, who has been involved with Match for over 400 years.

DoMatcha Gree Tea: Quality of Leaves

DoMatcha states that their green tea is shade-grown and the youngest top leaves are chosen. They also state that little machinery is used in the process to ensure good quality and to try stay true to the ancient roots of Matcha.

DoMatcha’s products are additive free, both the organic and non-organic versions. From their independant testing, no residual chemcimals from pesticidesm herbicide, fundicides or radiation has been detected in their products.

DoMatcha Green Tea: Packaging

When Matcha is exposed to light and air, it easily loses it color, flavour and nutrients. DoMatcha Green Tea package their Matcha tea in a sealed foil bag in a sealed tin. They also include oxy-packets o reduce the occurrence of oxidation so that the powder remains fresher for longer.

Once the tins of matcha arrive in the DoMatcha warehouse, they are tested again to ensure it safe for all to drink.

What do others say about DoMatcha Green Tea?

Here are some of the testimonials from DoMatcha’s own website:

DōMatcha® gives me that edge by providing me with increased energy levels and better mental focus with its high L-Theanine levels.”
Christopher Gordon, U.S. professional squash player

“I love that DōMatcha® gives me energy and yet keeps me calm at the same time”
Natalia Toporowska, professional tennis player

“I can also drink it at night, for example, during a performance, and it doesn’t disturb my sleep or give me the heart palpitations coffee would!”
Ingveldur Yr, Icelandic opera singer

What Are DoMatcha’s Green Tea offerings?

  1. DōMatcha Green Tea – Organic Ceremonial Matcha

This line of Matcha is aimed at more discerning Matcha drinkers. This is the Matcha to use if you wish to make Matcha the traditional way. It has sweet and pleasant flavor.

DōMatcha Green Tea, Organic Ceremonial Matcha, 1oz Tin


  1. DōMatcha Green Tea – Summer Harvest Matcha

This Matcha is harvested in August instead of spring. This makes its content very high in catechins, rendering an earthier, slightly more astringent flavour. This is the Matcha to use if you wish to make blended beverages, like Matcha lattes or Matcha smoothies.


DōMatcha Green Tea, Summer Harvest Matcha, 2.82oz Tin


  1. DoMatcha Green Tea – Culinary Grade

This Matcha has a full bodied flavour. It is ideal for baked goods as it brings out the sweetness while retaining the Matcha taste. It can be used for basked good and sweets, salad dressing, tofu, oils. In essence this is the Matcha to use when cooking with Matcha.

DōMatcha Green Tea, Culinary Organic Matcha, 8.8oz Package : DōMatcha Green Tea, Culinary Organic Matcha, 8.8oz Package : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Where is the best place to get DoMatcha Green Tea?

If you would like to buy DoMatcha Green Tea, you can order online from their website, locate a store that stocks it or you can head over to Amazon and get all their teas directly from Amazon.

Most of their products are available on Amazon Prime and quality for free delivery.

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If you have come across DoMatcha but are not sure whether you should buy, you need to read this DoMatcha Green Tea Review to decide.
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